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EG4115 Core - 15 Input Meter Data Logger

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The EG4115 Core is a 15-channel energy meter with 0.5% revenue-grade accuracy compliance and the ability to measure residential or commercial circuit panels, up to 3-phase 277/480VAC and 6900A. The meter has HomePlug AV powerline communication, an Ethernet port, and 2 USB ports for additional options, like WiFi. The embedded web server lets you connect to the interface over the internet or on a local area network. Each unit has a data logger that stores up to 64 data points for the lifetime of the hardware, and you can access data as granular as 1-second averages for the most recent hour of recording. The EG4115 Core is an accurate and flexible solution for monitoring multiple circuits in any residential or commercial energy monitoring application.

EG4115 Core - 15 Input Meter Data Logger

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